Microflora of murcha: an amylolytic fermentation starter.

  title={Microflora of murcha: an amylolytic fermentation starter.},
  author={Jyoti Prakash Tamang and Prabir K Sarkar},
  volume={81 327},
Murcha is a traditional starter, used commonly in Darjeeling hills and Sikkim in India to ferment a variety of starchy substrates in order to produce sweet-sour alcoholic beverages, called jnards. Murcha cakes are mildly acidic (pH 5.2) and contain 13% w/w moisture and 0.7% w/w ash (dry weight basis). A total of 194 bacterial, 190 yeast and 80 mould strains were isolated from 30 samples of murcha. The counts (cfu/g fresh weight) of micro-organisms in the samples were 2.0 x 10(7) to 4.2 x 10(8… CONTINUE READING


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