Microfiltration of butter serum upon casein micelle destabilization.

  title={Microfiltration of butter serum upon casein micelle destabilization.},
  author={Roeland Rombaut and V Dejonckheere and Koen Dewettinck},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={89 6},
The gross composition of butter serum, the aqueous phase of butter, is comparable to that of buttermilk, except that it has a higher content of material derived from the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). As such, butter serum is a good source for further purification of MFGM material. The purified fraction could be of interest for its emulsifying and nutritional properties. The effect of sodium citrate and ethanol on the dissociation of butter serum casein micelles, and their effect on casein… CONTINUE READING