Microencapsulated linear polymers: "soluble" heterogeneous catalysts.

  title={Microencapsulated linear polymers: "soluble" heterogeneous catalysts.},
  author={Kristin E. Price and Brian S. Mason and Andrew R. Bogdan and Steven J. Broadwater and Jeremy L Steinbacher and D. TYLER MCQUADE},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={128 32},
A new strategy for supporting catalysts based on the microencapsulation of linear polymers is presented. In this paper, we present a DMAP capsule that is capable of catalyzing acylation reactions. The catalyst is compared to DMAP on cross-linked and linear polystyrene, as well as small molecule DMAP. Rapid optimization through modification of encapsulation conditions is demonstrated. The optimization provides a dynamic range of catalysis from 90 to 300% of the rate of DMAP on polystyrene.