Microdialysis for detection of renal ischemia after experimental renal transplantation.

  title={Microdialysis for detection of renal ischemia after experimental renal transplantation.},
  author={Anna Krarup Keller and Troels Munch Jorgensen and Kristian Ravlo and Torben Kaer Nielsen and Lars Henning Olsen and Lars Bj\orn Stolle},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={182 4 Suppl},
PURPOSE We designed an experimental renal transplantation model and evaluated microdialysis as a detector of induced postoperative ischemia, a feared complication that when caused by vascular thrombosis most often causes renal graft loss. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two microdialysis catheters were placed in the left kidney in 16 pigs, including 1 superficially in the renal cortex and 1 fixed on the renal capsule. Two-hour baseline measurements were made at steady state, after which the kidney was… CONTINUE READING


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