Microcystic meningioma without enhancement on neuroimaging--case report.

  title={Microcystic meningioma without enhancement on neuroimaging--case report.},
  author={Yasuaki Kubota and Tatsuya Ueda and Yoshinori Kagawa and Nobuyuki Sakai and Akira Hara},
  journal={Neurologia medico-chirurgica},
  volume={37 5},
A 63-year-old female presented with an unusual case of microcystic meningioma manifesting as a 4-year history of unsteady gait, dysarthria, and hearing loss. Computed tomography disclosed a large hypodense mass in the right cerebellopontine angle, clivus, and middle fossa, with slight contrast enhancement. T1-weighted magnetic resonance images demonstrated the lesion as a hypointense mass, which was little enhanced gadolinium-diethylenetriaminepenta-acetic acid. Right carotid angiography… CONTINUE READING