Microcystic Adenoma of the Pancreas: Observation or Treatment?


Cystic lesions of the pancreas include inflammatory cysts (pseudocysts), congenital cysts and neoplastic cysts. Pseudocysts, which predominate, are identified by having no epithelial lining. Neoplastic cysts represent only 10-15 percent of all pancreatic cysts but must be carefully differentiated from pseudocysts to ensure proper management1-6. Among the different types of cystic neoplasm (Table 1), microcystic adenoma is a benign variant. It is also called serous cystadenoma to distinguish it from the common mucinous cystadenoma, which has a malignant potential. We report two patients with serous cystadenoma of the pancreas, highlighting the use of percutaneous biopsy in its management.

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