Microcontroller Based Heart Beat Monitoring and Alerting System

  title={Microcontroller Based Heart Beat Monitoring and Alerting System},
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  • M. Kothari
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
This paper describes the development of a heart beat monitor system based on a microcontroller. [] Key Method The system readsstores and analyses the heart beat repetitively in real-time. The hardware and software design are oriented towards a single-chip microcontroller-based system, hence minimizing the size.

High Quality Intelligent Database Driven Microcontroller Based Heartbeat Monitoring System

A single-chip microcontroller is additionally accustomed to analyse heart beat rate signals in quantity, which permits doctors to induce the hart beat rate file of the patient.

Design And Implementation Of Wireless Heartbeat Measuring Device For Remote Health Monitoring

Development of a microcontroller based system for monitoring heartbeat and body temperature using fingertip and temperature sensor which allows a network to be formed between the patient and doctor in order to enable remote monitoring by analysing the data of patients.


Diverse physiological conditions, for example, excessive physical workload, workload tensions, extra focus required to complete assigned official work, concentration, and the dynamic condition of the autonomic nervous system is reflected in the heart beat rate.


An architecture and a scheme of heart stroke detection based on GSM technology is proposed in order to overcome the risk of death under severe health conditions and offers the potential to alter the current health-care system by enabling out-patient care and preventing unnecessary hospitalizations.

Development of a Pulse Measuring System for Healthcare

  • Fasidi FoAdebayo Ot
  • Medicine, Computer Science
    Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal
  • 2018
A mobile heart rate monitoring system is implemented which makes use of arduino board which functions as a microprocessor in order to detect the heartbeat/pulse.

IoT based H-E-T Monitoring & Alerting System

This project will be working on Internet of Things (IoT), which uses Wi-Fi for passing the readings of the system to the Android and desktop application and enables the project’s abilities and the productivity to magnify at a high level.

Mobile IoT device for BPM monitoring people with heart problems

The system has been developed to save and monitor in real time changes of the cardiac pulsations through a sensor connected to a control system and connects to the internet to store data in the cloud.

IoT Based Medical Assistant for Efficient Monitoring of Patients in Response to COVID-19

We have developed a complete model of monitoring patients at regular intervals through an interconnected network among the doctors, nurses and patients with a view to minimizing the workload of the

E-health monitoring system for the aged

  • A. IbhazeEzimah C. EleanorF. Idachaba
  • Medicine
    2016 IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Innovative Business Practices for the Transformation of Societies (EmergiTech)
  • 2016
The system is set up to constantly measure these parameters and reduce mortality rate for the elderly and reduce the risk of falling ill and possibly dying.

Heart tracer — The route to your heart

A device which can reach out to the general mass, is their 24 hour aid and are useful to keep their heart out of possible troubles and put light on a thought where users themselves can trace their heart and take immediate measures of emergencies or visiting a doctor.


This paper describes the design of a simple, low-cost microcontroller based heart rate measuring device with LCD output, which is then averaged and displayed on a text based LCD.

Noninvasive Evaluation of Exercise Training in College‐age Men

Data indicate that intense aerobic training in college-age men results in a significant increase in resting LV end-diastolic dimension and volume, and the increase in maximal stroke volume associated with exercise training may be partially explained by these changes in cardiac dimensions.

Physical fitness and incidence of hypertension in healthy normotensive men and women.

Physical fitness in persons with low levels of physical fitness had a relative risk of 1.52 for the development of hypertension when compared with highly fit persons, and risk of hypertension developing also increased substantially with increased baseline blood pressure.

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