Microcircuitry of bipolar cells in cat retina.


We have studied 15 bipolar neurons from a small patch (14 X 120 micron) of adult cat retina located within the area centralis. From electron micrographs of 189 serial ultrathin sections, the axon of each bipolar cell was substantially reconstructed with its synaptic inputs and outputs by means of a computer-controlled reconstruction system. Based on… (More)


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@article{McGUIRE1984MicrocircuitryOB, title={Microcircuitry of bipolar cells in cat retina.}, author={BARBARA A. McGUIRE and John K. Stevens and Peter Sterling}, journal={The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience}, year={1984}, volume={4 12}, pages={2920-38} }