Microchip for Sustained Drug Delivery by Diffusion Through Microchannels

  title={Microchip for Sustained Drug Delivery by Diffusion Through Microchannels},
  author={Seung Ho Lee and Min Jun Park and Chun Gwon Park and Ji Eun Lee and Mark R. Prausnitz and Young Bin Choy},
  journal={AAPS PharmSciTech},
To enable sustained drug delivery, we prepared microchips of simple structure for drug release based on diffusion through microchannels. The microchips were fabricated with poly(methyl methacrylate), embedded with one or more microwells and microchannels of controlled length. The channels were filled with biocompatible polymer, poly(ethylene glycol), to serve as a drug diffusion barrier. The wells served as drug reservoirs and were filled with a fine powder of a model compound, fluorescein… CONTINUE READING


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