Microcanonical Simulation of Complex Actions: The Wess Zumino Witten Case

  title={Microcanonical Simulation of Complex Actions: The Wess Zumino Witten Case},
  author={Belal E. Baaquie and Yeow Sing Seng},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Lattice},
We present the main results of our microcanonical simulation of the Wess Zumino Witten action functional. This action, being highly non-trivial and capable of exhibiting many different phase transitions, is chosen to be representative of general complex actions. We verify the applicability of microcanonical simulation by successfully obtaining two of the many critical points of the Wess Zumino Witten action. The microcanonical algorithm has the additional advantage of exhibiting critical… 
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  • 1994

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