Microbiota restoration: natural and supplemented recovery of human microbial communities

  title={Microbiota restoration: natural and supplemented recovery of human microbial communities},
  author={Gregor Reid and Jessica A. Younes and Henny C. van der Mei and Gregory B. Gloor and Rob Knight and Henk J. Busscher},
  journal={Nature Reviews Microbiology},
In a healthy host, a balance exists between members of the microbiota, such that potential pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms can be found in apparent harmony. During infection, this balance can become disturbed, leading to often dramatic changes in the composition of the microbiota. For most bacterial infections, nonspecific antibiotics are used, killing the non-pathogenic members of the microbiota as well as the pathogens and leading to a substantial delay in the restoration of a healthy… CONTINUE READING


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