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Microbiological studies of Indonesian ragi

  title={Microbiological studies of Indonesian ragi},
  author={Dakimah Dwidjoseputro and P. Wolf},
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Siklus Perkembangan Pradewasa Anopheles aconitus (Diptera: Culicidae) pada Dua Jenis Formulasi Pakan yang Berbeda di Laboratorium
The result showed that blood fed Anopheles aconitus female laid the eggs on the second and the fourth day, and the preadult developmental rate of A. acon Titus that were given feed formulation (1) 0,6 day faster than pre adult developmental rate (2) but both statistically was not significantly different (P>0,05). Expand
Microbiological studies on amylolytic oriental fermentation starters
Ragi and ragi-like starters were obtained from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, and Taiwan, and Amylomyces was shown to survive long periods of time — as many as 5 years at room temperature resulted in retained amylolytic activity. Expand
The Traditional Fermented Foods and their Microflora in Southeast Asia
Those nations said to be included in miso-shoyu cultural zon巴 are Japan, Korean Peninsula, China, Taiwan, Laos and Vietnam; in curry cultural zone are Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia; and in coconut cultural zone 紅巴 Borneo, Eastern Indonesia and Philippines. Expand