Microbiological pollution and ocular infection in CAD operators: an on-site investigation

  title={Microbiological pollution and ocular infection in CAD operators: an on-site investigation},
  author={Bruno Piccoli and R Assini and S Gambaro and F. Pastoni and Marco Italo D'Orso and S. Franceschin and F Zampollo and Giovanni De Vito},
  pages={658 - 667}
A large number of workers are currently employed in tasks involving the use of computer based equipment. Much research has been carried out both on prevalence and incidence of ocular and visual disorders as well as on occupational asthenopia. Less attention has been given to investigating the possibility of a microbiological pollution of Video Display Unit (VDU) workstations and to the consequent possible development of work-related ocular infections. The authors investigated the presence of… 
A critical appraisal of current knowledge and future directions of ergophthalmology: consensus document of the ICOH Committee on 'Work and Vision'
The ICOH Scientific Committee on ‘Work and Vision’ is seeking to systematically develop this matter, yielding a more rational and complete approach to the relationship between work and vision.
Eye irritation and environmental factors in the office environment--hypotheses, causes and a physiological model.
An integrated physiological risk model with blink frequency, destabilization, and break-up of the eye tear film as inseparable phenomena may explain eye irritation among office workers in terms of occupational, climate, and eye-related physiological risk factors.
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Spinal shrinkage during repetitive controlled torsional, ̄exion and lateral bend motion exertions during repetitive control of shoulder moment and electromyography.
Revision of Aspergillus section Flavipedes: seven new species and proposal of section Jani sect. nov.
Aspergillus section Flavipedes contains species found worldwide in soils and rhizospheres, indoor and cave environments, as endophytes, food contaminants and occasionally as human pathogens, which are strongly supported by phylogenetic data and morphology.
Aspergillus trisporus: A new Jani section species from Brazilian soil
  • S. Souza
  • Biology
    Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology
  • 2019
Aspergillus trisporus is phylogenetically and phenotypically more related to A. brevijanus, but it can be differentiated by non-growth at 37 °C and by the shorter stipes of the white conidiophores and predominantly clavated vesicles.


Long-Term Refractive and Phoric Changes in Visual Display Unit (VDU) Operators
In the analysis of ocular motility, the results show no worsening capable of causing a definitive change from heterophoria to heterotropia, and Heterophoric subjects, however, tend to improve both with regular office work and with additional VDU activity.
Oxford textbook of ophthalmology
This textbook has been written by an international team of contributors who have been instructed to emphasize clear plans for clinical management, giving the scientific evidence on which they are based, while also analyzing underlying mechanisms of disease.
Work with video display terminals among office employees. I. Subjective symptoms and discomfort.
Eye discomfort, musculoskeletal discomfort, headache, and skin disorders were found to be significantly correlated in the material and indicated that total daily workhours and time spent looking at the VDT screen were related to the degree of discomfort.
External diseases : cornea, conjunctiva, sclera, eyelids, lacrimal system
Embryology and anatomy of the anterior segment eyelids conjunctiva cornea sclera lacrimal gland and its role in embryology, anatomy and physiology are studied.
Airborne gram-negative bacteria and endotoxin in sick building syndrome. A study in Dutch governmental office buildings.
Airborne microbial contamination, in particular with gram-negative rods and perhaps with endotoxin, may have a role in the causation of sick building syndrome.
Possible health effects of working with VDUs.
  • U. Bergqvist
  • Psychology
    British journal of industrial medicine
  • 1989
The effects of VDU work and the various effects are presented; the "state of the art." Suggestions for "additional" health effects have also appeared but so far generally without supporting or suggesting evidence.
Problemi di igiene ambientale nel terziario: le rilevazioni fotometriche ai posti di lavoro
  • 1997
Abstract Book of the 25th International Congress on Occupational Health
  • 1996
Abstract Book of the 25th International Congress on Occupational Health 1996, Stockholm (Solna, Sweden: National Institute for Working Life)
  • 1996