Microbiologic assessment of the transabdominal ultrasound transducer head.

  title={Microbiologic assessment of the transabdominal ultrasound transducer head.},
  author={Shirley L. Patterson and Manju Monga and Jeremias Borges da Silva and K. David Bishop and J. Bigu del Blanco},
  journal={Southern medical journal},
  volume={89 5},
The objectives of this study were to determine (1) the rate of bacterial isolation from the abdomen of women having obstetric ultrasonography, (2) the rate of bacterial transmission to the transducer head, and (3) the eradication rate after routine wiping of the transducer head. A total of 191 obstetric patients participated in this study. At the start of each day, the transducer head and the coupling gel were cultured. Aerobic cultures were obtained from each patient's periumbilical and… CONTINUE READING

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