Microbial transformation of asiatic acid.

  title={Microbial transformation of asiatic acid.},
  author={Fei-Fei Guo and Xu Feng and Zhi-yong Chu and Dai-Ping Li and Li Zhang and Zesheng Zhang},
  journal={Journal of Asian natural products research},
  volume={15 1},
Asiatic acid (1), a major pentacyclic triterpene of Centella asiatica, was subjected to transformation by Penicillium lilacinum ACCC 31890, Fusarium equiseti CGMCC 3.3658, and Streptomyces griseus CGMCC 4.18 strains. Incubation of asiatic acid with P. lilacinum ACCC 31890 and F. equiseti CGMCC 3.3658 gave an identical product: 2α,3β,15α,23-tetrahydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid (2). Biotransformation of asiatic acid by S. griseus CGMCC 4.18 resulted in three derivatives: 2α,3β,21β,23-tetrahydroxyurs… CONTINUE READING