Microbial transformation of (-)-carvone.

  title={Microbial transformation of (-)-carvone.},
  author={F. Cihan Demirci and Yoshiaki Noma and Neş'e Kirimer and Kemal H{\"u}sn{\"u} Can Başer},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. C, Journal of biosciences},
  volume={59 5-6},
The cyclic monoterpene ketone (-)-carvone was metabolized by the plant pathogenic fungus Absidia glauca. After 4 days of incubation, the diol 10-hydroxy-(+)-neodihydrocarveol was formed. The absolute configuration and structure of the crystalline substance was identified by means of X-ray diffraction and by spectroscopic techniques (MS, IR and NMR). The… CONTINUE READING