Microbial radiation-resistance mechanisms

  title={Microbial radiation-resistance mechanisms},
  author={Kwang-Woo Jung and Sangyong Lim and Yong-Sun Bahn},
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Organisms living in extreme environments have evolved a wide range of survival strategies by changing biochemical and physiological features depending on their biological niches. Interestingly, organisms exhibiting high radiation resistance have been discovered in the three domains of life (Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya), even though a naturally radiationintensive environment has not been found. To counteract the deleterious effects caused by radiation exposure, radiation- resistant organisms… 

Shifts in microbial community composition in tannery-contaminated soil in response to increased gamma radiation

Contaminated sites from man-made activities such as old-fashioned tanneries are inhabited by virulent microorganisms that exhibit more resistance against extreme and toxic environmental conditions.