Microbial profile, antibiotic sensitivity and heat resistance of bacterial isolates from commercial roasted beef (suya) in Abuja, Nigeria

  title={Microbial profile, antibiotic sensitivity and heat resistance of bacterial isolates from commercial roasted beef (suya) in Abuja, Nigeria},
  author={Ngozi Amaeze and Mercy Itohan Aboh and Felix Ehiocha Amiohu and T Olatunji and Peters O. Oladosu},
Aim: This study was aimed at determining the prevalence, antibiotic resistance and heat resistance profile of bacterial isolates obtained from ready to eat roasted beef (suya) sold in Abuja, Nigeria. Methods and Results: Fifty samples of suya were purchased from different vendors within the Federal Capital Territory and assessed for total viable bacterial counts. The sensitivity of the identified bacterial isolates to conventional antibiotics was evaluated using the disc diffusion method… 
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