Microbial production of natural raspberry ketone.

  title={Microbial production of natural raspberry ketone.},
  author={Jules Beekwilder and Ingrid M. van der Meer and Ole Sibbesen and Mans Broekgaarden and Ingmar Qvist and J{\"o}rn D. Mikkelsen and R. David Hall},
  journal={Biotechnology journal},
  volume={2 10},
Raspberry ketone is an important compound for the flavour industry. It is frequently used in products such as soft drinks, sweets, puddings and ice creams. The compound can be produced by organic synthesis. Demand for "natural" raspberry ketone is growing considerably. However, this product is extremely expensive. Consequently, there is a remaining desire to better understand how raspberry ketone is synthesized in vivo, and which genes and enzymes are involved. With this information we will… CONTINUE READING

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