Microbial nitrogen fixation in the gastro-intestinal tract of Kalmykia gerbils (M. tamariscinus and Meriones meridianus)

  title={Microbial nitrogen fixation in the gastro-intestinal tract of Kalmykia gerbils (M. tamariscinus and Meriones meridianus)},
  author={T. Kuznetsova and N. Kostina and E. I. Naumova and M. M. Umarov},
  journal={Biology Bulletin},
The nitrogen-fixing activity, nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) contents, and the number of microorganisms in the forestomach, cecum, and colon were detected in two gerbil species, granivorous Meriones meridianus and M. tamariscinus, which consume a large amount of green parts of the plants. M. meridianus had higher levels of nitrogen-fixation activity in all investigated parts of the gastro-intestinal tract compared with M. tamariscinus. The highest levels were detected in the colon of M. meridianus… Expand
Nitrogenase diversity and activity in the gastrointestinal tract of the wood-eating catfish Panaque nigrolineatus
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Functional features of microbial communities in the digestive tract of field voles (Microtus rossiaemeridionalis and Clethrionomys glareolus)
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Algal associates and the evidence of cyanobacterial nitrogen fixation in the velamen roots of epiphytic orchids
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Effect of Deficiency of Dietary Nitrogen on Cellulose Digestibility and Nitrogen-Fixing Flora Activity in Sibling Vole Microtus rossiaemeridionalis
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Specific Features of Nitrogen Transformation in the Soddy-Podsolic Soil in the Colonies of the Common Vole Microtus arvalis
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