Microbial manganese oxide formation and interaction with toxic metal ions.

  title={Microbial manganese oxide formation and interaction with toxic metal ions.},
  author={Naoyuki Miyata and Yukinori Tani and Masahiro Sakata and Keisuke Iwahori},
  journal={Journal of bioscience and bioengineering},
  volume={104 1},
Diverse bacteria and fungi oxidize Mn(II) enzymatically and produce insoluble Mn(III, IV) oxides, and these organisms are considered to be the primal agents for the occurrence of natural Mn oxide phases in most environments. Biogenic Mn oxides have a high sorption capacity for metal cations and an ability to oxidize numerous inorganic and organic compounds, owing to their structural and redox features. Thus, the microbial process is of significance in both biogeochemical and biotechnological… CONTINUE READING

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