Microbial keratitis in the elderly: a 32-year review.

  title={Microbial keratitis in the elderly: a 32-year review.},
  author={Renato Magalh{\~a}es Passos and Angelino J{\'u}lio Cariello and Maria Cec{\'i}lia Zorat Yu and Ana Lu{\'i}sa H{\"o}fling-Lima},
  journal={Arquivos brasileiros de oftalmologia},
  volume={73 4},
PURPOSE To describe the demographic characteristics, associated factors and causative agents of infectious keratitis in the elderly in a tertiary referral center in São Paulo, Brazil. METHODS A retrospective review of all patients aged 60 years and over with a presumptive diagnosis of infectious keratitis who had material collected for microbiological analysis, between the years 1975 and 2007 (32-year span). RESULTS From a total of 7,060 age-independent cases of microbial keratitis, 1,545… CONTINUE READING