Microbial keratinases: industrial enzymes with waste management potential.

  title={Microbial keratinases: industrial enzymes with waste management potential.},
  author={Amit Verma and Hukum Singh and Shahbaz Anwar and Anirudha Chattopadhyay and Kapil Kumar Tiwari and Surinder Kaur and Gurpreet Singh Dhilon},
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Proteases are ubiquitous enzymes that occur in various biological systems ranging from microorganisms to higher organisms. Microbial proteases are largely utilized in various established industrial processes. Despite their numerous industrial applications, they are not efficient in hydrolysis of recalcitrant, protein-rich keratinous wastes which result in environmental pollution and health hazards. This paved the way for the search of keratinolytic microorganisms having the ability to hydrolyze… CONTINUE READING