Microbial interactions in building of communities.

  title={Microbial interactions in building of communities.},
  author={Christopher J. Wright and Logan H. Burns and Alison A Jack and Catherine R. Back and Lindsay C. Dutton and Angela H Nobbs and Richard J Lamont and Howard F Jenkinson},
  journal={Molecular oral microbiology},
  volume={28 2},
Establishment of a community is considered to be essential for microbial growth and survival in the human oral cavity. Biofilm communities have increased resilience to physical forces, antimicrobial agents and nutritional variations. Specific cell-to-cell adherence processes, mediated by adhesin-receptor pairings on respective microbial surfaces, are able to direct community development. These interactions co-localize species in mutually beneficial relationships, such as streptococci… CONTINUE READING
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