Microbial flora in orodental infections.

  title={Microbial flora in orodental infections.},
  author={Savita Saini and Naveen Gupta and Anisha Mahajan and Deepak Arora},
  journal={Indian journal of medical microbiology},
  volume={21 2},
The present study was carried out to compare the normal aerobic and anaerobic bacterial oral flora with flora from deep seated dental caries, gingivitis and adult periodontitis. All the samples belonging to both the control and study groups yielded microbes. Aerobe / Anaerobe ratio was high in normal flora (1.48) as compared to dental caries (0.9), gingivitis (0.72) and periodontitis (0.56). Ninety seven percent of orodental infections were polymicrobial and three or more microbes were found in… CONTINUE READING