Microbial fermentation-derived inhibitors of efflux-pump-mediated drug resistance.

  title={Microbial fermentation-derived inhibitors of efflux-pump-mediated drug resistance.},
  author={Michael Lee and Jorge L. Galazzo and Alan Staley and Je Chul Lee and Mark S. Warren and Heinz F{\"u}rnkranz and Suzanne Chamberland and Olga Lomovskaya and George H Miller},
  volume={56 1-2},
A library of 85000 microbial fermentation extracts was screened for inhibitors of multidrug resistance efflux pumps in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans. New compounds EA-371alpha and EA-371delta were isolated and demonstrated to be potent and specific inhibitors of the MexAB-OprM pump in P. aeruginosa. Two series of fungal metabolites, enniatins and beauvericins, were found to be ubiquitous and potent inhibitors of ABC transporters. Milbemycins were rediscovered as potent inhibitors… CONTINUE READING

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