Microbial degradation of explosives and related compounds.

  title={Microbial degradation of explosives and related compounds.},
  author={Thomas Gorontzy and O Drzyzga and M W Kahl and Dirk Bruns-Nagel and Joerg Breitung and Eva C Von L{\"o}w and K. H. Blotevogel},
  journal={Critical reviews in microbiology},
  volume={20 4},
The pollution of soil and water with explosives and related compounds caused by military activities has been known for a long time, but progress in understanding the environmental fate of such substances has only been made in the last few years. Microbial processes could be used for the remediation of explosives-contaminated soils and waste waters because it has been shown that a variety of different microorganisms are able to metabolize these chemical compounds. In some cases even a complete… CONTINUE READING