Microbial contamination of harvested bone marrow and peripheral blood.

  title={Microbial contamination of harvested bone marrow and peripheral blood.},
  author={H Miles Prince and Simon Page and Armand Keating and Ronnie Saragosa and Nada Vukovic and Kevin Robert Imrie and Michael A. Crump and A Keith Stewart},
  journal={Bone marrow transplantation},
  volume={15 1},
The incidence and clinical consequences of microbiological contamination of autologous bone marrow and peripheral blood progenitor cells are not well documented. We therefore retrospectively analysed our experience with bacterial or fungal contamination of harvested bone marrow and/or peripheral blood. From January 1987 to the end of January 1994, 499 patients were harvested or which 301 were transplanted. A total of 3910 specimens obtained during three stages in the processing were assessed… CONTINUE READING
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