Microbial community structure across the tree of life in the extreme Río Tinto

  title={Microbial community structure across the tree of life in the extreme R{\'i}o Tinto},
  author={Linda A Amaral-Zettler and Erik R. Zettler and Susanna M Theroux and Carmen Palacios and {\'A}ngeles Aguilera and Ricardo Amils},
  journal={The ISME Journal},
Understanding biotic versus abiotic forces that shape community structure is a fundamental aim of microbial ecology. The acidic and heavy metal extreme Río Tinto (RT) in southwestern Spain provides a rare opportunity to conduct an ecosystem-wide biodiversity inventory at the level of all three domains of life, because diversity there is low and almost exclusively microbial. Despite improvements in high-throughput DNA sequencing, environmental biodiversity studies that use molecular metrics and… CONTINUE READING


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