Microbial communities of continuously cropped, irrigated rice fields.

  title={Microbial communities of continuously cropped, irrigated rice fields.},
  author={Wolfgang Reichardt and G. B. Mascari{\~n}a and Benjamin C. Padre and John Doll},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={63 1},
In continuously cropped, irrigated rice fields, soil microbial biomass as measured by total phospholipid fatty acid concentrations declined during the second half of the crop cycle. This decline was also observed in other components of the microbial community assessed by viable counts, including denitrifiers and sporeformers. Simultaneous with total biomass decline was the increase in potential indicators of nutrient stress--such as ratios of cyclopropanol ((Sigma)[cy/(omega)7c]) and trans… CONTINUE READING

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