Microbial Diversity of Impact-Generated Habitats.

  title={Microbial Diversity of Impact-Generated Habitats.},
  author={Alexandra Pontefract and Gordon R. Osinski and Charles S Cockell and Gordon Southam and Phil J. A. McCausland and Joseph U. Umoh and David W. Holdsworth},
  volume={16 10},
Impact-generated lithologies have recently been identified as viable and important microbial habitats, especially within cold and arid regions such as the polar deserts on Earth. These unique habitats provide protection from environmental stressors, such as freeze-thaw events, desiccation, and UV radiation, and act to trap aerially deposited detritus within the fissures and pore spaces, providing necessary nutrients for endoliths. This study provides the first culture-independent analysis of… CONTINUE READING
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