Microarrays of near-field optical probes with adjustable dimensions.

  title={Microarrays of near-field optical probes with adjustable dimensions.},
  author={Arnaud Chovin and Patrick Garrigue and Gilles Pecastaings and Hassan Saadaoui and Inka Manek-H{\"o}nninger and Neso Sojic},
  volume={106 2},
We present the fabrication and the characterization of high-density microarrays comprising thousands of near-field optical probes. Two types of microarrays have been prepared by adapting the SNOM methodology: arrays of uncoated fiber nanotips (i.e. apertureless probes) and arrays of apertures with adjustable subwavelength dimensions. Such arrays were fabricated by retaining the coherent structure of monomode optical fiber bundles and therefore keeping their imaging properties. The size of the… CONTINUE READING