Microarray analysis of uterine gene expression in mouse and human pregnancy.

  title={Microarray analysis of uterine gene expression in mouse and human pregnancy.},
  author={Kathleen E. Bethin and Yoshihiko Nagai and Robert Sladek and Minoru Asada and Yoel Sadovsky and Thomas J. Hudson and Louis J. Muglia},
  journal={Molecular endocrinology},
  volume={17 8},
Improved care of infants born prematurely has increased their survival. However, the incidence of preterm labor has not changed. To understand the processes involved in preterm labor, we used oligonucleotide microarrays to study gene expression in murine and human uterus during pregnancy. The induction of enzymes for prostaglandin synthesis was used as a marker for important changes during pregnancy because prostaglandins strongly contribute to both human and murine labor. We identified 504… CONTINUE READING

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