Microarray Analysis of Genes Involved with Shell Strength in Layer Shell Gland at the Early Stage of Active Calcification

  title={Microarray Analysis of Genes Involved with Shell Strength in Layer Shell Gland at the Early Stage of Active Calcification},
  author={Zhangguo Liu and Qi Zheng and Xueyu Zhang and L. Lu},
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The objective of this study was to get a comprehensive understanding of how genes in chicken shell gland modulate eggshell strength at the early stage of active calcification. Four 32-week old of purebred Xianju hens with consistent high or low shell breakage strength were grouped into two pairs. Using Affymetrix Chicken Array, a whole-transcriptome analysis was performed on hen’s shell gland at 9 h post oviposition. Gene ontology enrichment analysis for differentially expressed (DE… Expand
Spatiotemporal expression profile of a putative β propeller WDR72 in laying hens
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Involvement of osteopontin in egg shell formation in the laying chicken.
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  • 1995
Mechanical strain regulation of the chicken glypican-4 gene expression in the avian eggshell gland.
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