Microanatomy of the premamillary artery

  title={Microanatomy of the premamillary artery},
  author={Angela D. Pedroza and Manuel Dujovny and Jos{\'e} Manuel Cabezudo-Artero and Felix Umansky and Salomon Berman and Fernando G. Diaz and James I. Ausman and Gagan Mirchandani},
  journal={Acta Neurochirurgica},
The premamillary artery was studied in 50 unfixed human brain hemispheres (51 vessels were found) which were injected with polyester resin and dissected under the operating microscope. In one hemisphere there was duplication of the premamillary artery. There were premamillary arteries arising from the posterior communicating artery (PCoA) in 49 cases and from the posterior cerebral artery in the remaining two. The arteries originated from the superior and lateral surfaces of the PCoA and… CONTINUE READING