Microalgae Immobilized by Nano fi brous Web for Removal of Reactive Dyes from Wastewater Nalan

  title={Microalgae Immobilized by Nano fi brous Web for Removal of Reactive Dyes from Wastewater Nalan},
  author={Oya San Keskin and Asl and Celebioglu and Tamer Uyar and Turgay Tekinay},
In this study, we have developed microalgae immobilized by polysulfone nanofibrous web (microalgae/PSUNFW) for the removal of reactive dyes (Remazol Black 5 (RB5) and Reactive Blue 221 (RB221). Here, an electrospinning technique was used to produce polysulfone nanofibrous web (PSU-NFW) as a free-standing material on which microalgae Chlamydomona reinhardtii was immobilized on PSU-NFW. The decolorization capacities of microalgae/PSU-NFW were significantly higher than that of pristine PSU-NFW… CONTINUE READING


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