Microagglutination procedures for febrile agglutination tests.

  title={Microagglutination procedures for febrile agglutination tests.},
  author={J B Gaultney and Reuben D Wende and R. P. Williams},
  journal={Applied microbiology},
  volume={22 4},
Febrile agglutination tests were done by using as antigens Brucella abortus, Salmonella group D, Proteus OX19, and Pasteurella tularensis. Comparison of results from 23 sera showed that the microtechnique, rapid slide, and test tube methods gave similar titers, although those from the microtechnique were generally higher. The sensitivity of the microtechnique depended upon the concentration of antigen, and, to obtain reproducible results, the optimal concentration of antigens had to be… CONTINUE READING