MicroRNAs support a turtle + lizard clade.

  title={MicroRNAs support a turtle + lizard clade.},
  author={Tyler R. Lyson and Erik A. Sperling and Alysha M. Heimberg and Jacques A. Gauthier and Benjamin L King and Kevin J Peterson},
  journal={Biology letters},
  volume={8 1},
Despite much interest in amniote systematics, the origin of turtles remains elusive. Traditional morphological phylogenetic analyses place turtles outside Diapsida-amniotes whose ancestor had two fenestrae in the temporal region of the skull (among the living forms the tuatara, lizards, birds and crocodilians)-and allied with some unfenestrate-skulled (anapsid) taxa. Nonetheless, some morphological analyses place turtles within Diapsida, allied with Lepidosauria (tuatara and lizards). Most… CONTINUE READING