MicroRNAs in mesenteric lymph and plasma during acute pancreatitis.

  title={MicroRNAs in mesenteric lymph and plasma during acute pancreatitis.},
  author={Cherie Blenkiron and Kathryn J. Askelund and Satyanarayan T Shanbhag and Mandira Chakraborty and Maxim S Petrov and Brett Delahunt and John Albert Windsor and Anthony R. J. Phillips},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={260 2},
OBJECTIVE To isolate microRNAs (miRNAs) from mesenteric lymph (ML) and peripheral blood and identify those that change with experimental acute pancreatitis (AP). To assess identified AP-associated miRNAs in patient plasma to evaluate them as clinical biomarkers of AP. BACKGROUND miRNAs, small non-protein-coding molecules that regulate gene expression, are present in many biological fluids. They are increasingly interesting as biomarkers of disease and as novel signaling molecules in… CONTINUE READING