MicroRNA expression signature of human sarcomas

  title={MicroRNA expression signature of human sarcomas},
  author={Subbaya Subramanian and Weng Onn Lui and Chang Ho Lee and Inigo Espinosa and Torsten O. Nielsen and Michael C Heinrich and Christopher L . Corless and Andrew Z Fire and Matt van de Rijn},
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are ∼22 nucleotide-long noncoding RNAs involved in several biological processes including development, differentiation and proliferation. Recent studies suggest that knowledge of miRNA expression patterns in cancer may have substantial value for diagnostic and prognostic determinations as well as for eventual therapeutic intervention. We performed comprehensive analysis of miRNA expression profiles of 27 sarcomas, 5 normal smooth muscle and 2 normal skeletal muscle tissues… CONTINUE READING