MicroRNA-34b inhibits pancreatic cancer metastasis through repressing Smad3.

  title={MicroRNA-34b inhibits pancreatic cancer metastasis through repressing Smad3.},
  author={Chenchen Liu and Hongyan Cheng and Shihong Shi and Xiaobo Cui and J Yang and Lisa Y. Chen and Putao Cen and Xuehong Cai and Yao Lu and Chunyun Wu and W Yao and Yi Qin and L Liu and Jianting Long and J Xu and Ming-yi Li and Xianjun Yu},
  journal={Current molecular medicine},
  volume={13 4},
Pancreatic cancer is characterized by extremely poor prognosis because of early recurrence and metastasis, and increasing evidence supports the critical role of microRNA in cancer progression. Here we identified that microRNA-34b functioned as a tumor-suppressing microRNA by targeting oncogenic Smad3 in pancreatic cancer. As a hypovascular tumor with a potential endoplasmic reticulum stress microenvironment, miR-34b was silenced after ER stress inducer thapsigargin (Tg) treatment and negatively… CONTINUE READING