MicroRNA-205 promotes keratinocyte migration via the lipid phosphatase SHIP2.

  title={MicroRNA-205 promotes keratinocyte migration via the lipid phosphatase SHIP2.},
  author={Jia Yu and Han Peng and Qing Ruan and Anees Fatima and Spiro Getsios and Robert M Lavker},
  journal={FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology},
  volume={24 10},
microRNA-205 (miR-205) and miR-184 coordinately regulate the lipid phosphatase SHIP2 for Akt survival signaling in keratinocytes. As the PI3K-Akt pathway has also been implicated in regulating the actin cytoskeleton and cell motility, we investigated the role that these 2 miRNAs play in keratinocyte migration. We used antagomirs (antago) to reduce the levels of miR-205 and miR-184 in primary human epidermal keratinocytes (HEKs) and corneal epithelial keratinocytes (HCEKs) as well as direct… CONTINUE READING


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