Micro-transfer-printed III-V-on-silicon C-band distributed feedback lasers.

  title={Micro-transfer-printed III-V-on-silicon C-band distributed feedback lasers.},
  author={Bahawal Haq and Javad Rahimi Vaskasi and Jing Zhang and Agnieszka M. Gocalinska and Emanuele Pelucchi and Brian Corbett and Gunther Roelkens},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={28 22},
We report on single-mode C-band distributed feedback lasers fabricated through micro-transfer-printing of semiconductor optical amplifier coupons fabricated on a InP source wafer onto a silicon-on-insulator photonic circuit. The coupons are micro-transfer printed on quarter-wave shifted gratings defined in SiN deposited on the silicon waveguide. Alignment-tolerant adiabatic tapers are used to efficiently couple light from the hybrid III-V/Si waveguide to the Si waveguide circuit. 80 mA… 
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