Micro thermoelectric generator — A source of clean energy

  title={Micro thermoelectric generator — A source of clean energy},
  author={Y. Jeyashree and Pheba Cherian and A. Vimala Juliet},
  journal={2013 Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas and 2013 International Conference on Microelectronics, Communications and Renewable Energy},
This work presents the design, simulation and performance of Micro Thermoelectric Generator (micro TEG) for power generation from solar heat. For analysis we used P and N silicon Thermo elements and Copper as the interconnect between the two legs. The output voltage obtained per device is 10.55mV, for a temperature difference of 10K. By varying the thickness of the interconnect layer the output can be varied. The size of the each leg of thermocouples in this analysis is 50 μm by diameter and… CONTINUE READING