Micro-organisms under a Simulated Martian Environment

  title={Micro-organisms under a Simulated Martian Environment},
  author={E. J. Hawrylewicz and Betty Gowdy and Richard Ehrlich},
MANY investigators speculating on the environmental conditions of Mars have concluded that some form of life exists there1–5. Fulton et al.6,7 have shown that several (unidentified) species of bacteria are able to survive under a simulated Martian atmosphere. No work, however, has been reported on the effect of these conditions on the physiology or the virulence of bacteria. In the work recorded here the anaerobic spore-forming organism Cl. botulinum and encapsulated facultative anaerobic… 
Survival of Microorganisms in a Simulated Martian Environment
Survival of Bacillus subtilis var. globigii in a simulated Martian environment was demonstrated. Previous contact with the simulated Martian soil or atmosphere reduced germination or outgrowth of
Response of terrestrial microorganisms to a simulated Martian environment
Soil samples from Cape Canaveral were subjected to a simulated Martian environment and assayed periodically over 45 days to determine the effect of various environmental parameters on bacterial populations, indicating that the simulated Mars environment was not toxic to bacterial populations.
Activity and stability of a complex bacterial soil community under simulated Martian conditions
It is suggested that UV radiation and desiccation are major selecting factors on bacterial functional diversity in terrestrial bacterial communities incubated under simulated Martian conditions and forward contamination of Mars is a matter of great concern in future space missions.
Low-temperature microbiology.
Experimental methods for studying microbial survival in extraterrestrial environments.


[The origin of life].
There are a number of writings from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries describing the transformation of water, stones and other inanimate objects into reptiles, birds and beasts.
Physics and Medicine of the Atmosphere and Space