Micro-iontophoretic studies on neurones in the cuneate nucleus.

  title={Micro-iontophoretic studies on neurones in the cuneate nucleus.},
  author={Alvaro Galindo and Kre{\vs}imir Krnjevi{\'c} and Susan Schwartz},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={192 2},
1. Cuneate cells in anaesthetized cats were strongly excited by L-glutamate, and somewhat less by D-glutamate; cells which receive afferents from hair receptors were particularly sensitive.2. Glutamate could be used to demonstrate post-synaptic inhibitory inputs from the dorsal column, the medial lemniscus and the frontal cortex.3. Many cuneate cells were also strongly excited by adenosinetriphosphate (ATP); this was probably due to the chelating action of ATP, as citric acid was also quite… CONTINUE READING