Micro-electroporation of mesenchymal stem cells with alternating electrical current pulses.

  title={Micro-electroporation of mesenchymal stem cells with alternating electrical current pulses.},
  author={Roee Ziv and Yair Steinhardt and Gadi Pelled and Dan Gazit and Boris Rubinsky},
  journal={Biomedical microdevices},
  volume={11 1},
Micro-electroporation is an electroporation technology in which the electrical field that induces cell membrane poration is focused onto a single cell contained in a micro-electromechanical structure. Micro-electroporation has many unique attributes including that it facilitates real time control over the process of electroporation at the single cell level. Flow-through micro-electroporation expands on this principle and was developed to facilitate electroporation of a large numbers of cells… CONTINUE READING
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