Micro-X Sounding Rocket Payload Re-flight Progress

  title={Micro-X Sounding Rocket Payload Re-flight Progress},
  author={J. S. Adams and S. R. Bandler and No{\"e}mie Bastidon and Megan E. Eckart and E. Figueroa-Feliciano and J. Fuhrman and D. C. Goldfinger and A. J. F. Hubbard and Daniel Jardin and Richard Lloyd Kelley and C. A. Kilbourne and R. E. Manzagol-Harwood and Dan McCammon and Takashi Okajima and Frederick S. Porter and Carl D. Reintsema and S. J. Smith},
  journal={Journal of Low Temperature Physics},
  pages={832 - 838}
Micro-X is an X-ray sounding rocket payload that had its first flight on July 22, 2018. The goals of the first flight were to operate a transition edge sensor X-ray microcalorimeter array in space and take a high-resolution spectrum of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant. The first flight was considered a partial success. The array and its time-division multiplexing readout system were successfully operated in space, but due to a failure in the attitude control system, no time on-target was… 



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