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Micro Learning: A Modernized Education System

  title={Micro Learning: A Modernized Education System},
  author={Omer Jomah and Amamer Khalil Masoud and Xavier Patrick Kishore and Sagaya Aurelia},
Learning is an understanding of how the human brain is wired to learning rather than to an approach or a system. It is one of the best and most frequent approaches for the 21 st century learners. Micro learning is more interesting due to its way of teaching and learning the content in a small, very specific burst. Here the learners decide what and when to learn. Content, time, curriculum, form, process, mediality, and learning type are the dimensions of micro learning. Our paper will discuss… Expand
Closing Learning Gaps with Differentiated Math Lessons
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Conversation Technology With Micro-Learning: The Impact of Chatbot-Based Learning on Students’ Learning Motivation and Performance
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Supporting, categorising and visualising diverse learner behaviour on MOOCs with modular design and micro-learning
An analysis of three recently delivered MOOCs that were designed to support a broader set of learner goals is presented, where a modular design was used, where each part included well defined learning outcomes and assessment criteria, and where completion was rewarded with digital badges. Expand
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Towards Post-pandemic Transformative Teaching and Learning
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The Effectiveness of a Micro-Learning Strategy in Developing the Skills of Using Augmented Reality Applications among Science Teachers in Jeddah
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The Ambivalence of Strengths and Weaknesses of E-Learning Educational Services
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Chatbot to improve learning punctuation in Spanish and to enhance open and flexible learning environments
Analyzing the didactic functionality of a chatbot to improve the results of the students of the National University of Distance Education (UNED / Spain) in accessing the university in the subject of Spanish Language showed that the students in the experimental group substantially improved the results compared to the students with a more traditional methodology. Expand
Novel online video model for learning information technology based on micro learning and multimedia micro content
The proposed video model proved itself efficient in the development of practice and application-level skills and was able to create satisfactory learning outcomes in 80.30% of the participants. Expand


Micro Learning As Innovative Process of Knowledge Strategy
-This research paper analyses and highlights the significance of micro learning in the education industry. Technological innovation has made our society a knowledge intensive one, where successfulExpand
Micro Learning and Narration Exploring possibilities of utilization of narrations and storytelling for the designing of "micro units" and didactical micro-learning arrangements
Micro learning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term-focused activities. The paper presents basic understandings as well as a special concept, Integrated Micro Learning (IML),Expand
From microcontents to micro-learning objects - which semantics are required?
A mixing device for mixing two air flows has plural first flexible curtains disposed between first edge regions of alternate pairs of air guides, and a plurality of second flexible curtains disposedExpand
Putting Learners n chare: Micro-Learning for ERP System user adoption
  • SAP North America Education, ACMP Change Mangement, FL,
  • 2014