Micro/macroporous system: MFI-type zeolite crystals with embedded macropores.

  title={Micro/macroporous system: MFI-type zeolite crystals with embedded macropores.},
  author={Albert Gonche Fortunatus Machoke and Ana M. Beltr{\'a}n and Alexandra Inayat and Benjamin D. Winter and Tobias Weissenberger and Nadine Kruse and Robert G{\"u}ttel and Erdmann Spiecker and Wilhelm Schwieger},
  journal={Advanced materials},
  volume={27 6},
Zeolite crystals with an embedded and interconnected macropore system are prepared by using mesoporous silica particles as a silica source and as a sacrificial macroporogen. These novel hierarchical zeolite crystals are expected to reduce diffusion limitations in all zeolite-catalyzed reactions, especially in the transformation of larger molecules like in the catalytic cracking of polymers and the conversion of biomass.